The Department of Critical Care Medicine at Sri Ramachandra Medical Centre provides specialized training in Critical Care in the multidisciplinary 25-bedded C4ICU and the 6 bedded high dependency units.

The 1500-bed medical center offers sophisticated diagnostic and therapeutic care in virtually every specialty and subspecialty of medicine and surgery. Each year SRMC admits approximately 35,000 inpatients and handles more than 1 million visits in its extensive outpatient programs. Its emergency departments handle nearly 80,000 visits annually. Each year the surgical staff performs nearly 30,000 operations, and the Obstetrics Service delivers more than 2,100 births a year.

In a field that advances at dizzying speed, the SRMC Department of Critical Care Medicine has been in the forefront of cutting edge advances in critical care for the past one decade. The state of the art multidisciplinary intensive care unit manned by a team of highly skilled doctors provides round the clock care to critically ill patients requiring various forms of organ support. The unit is equipped to handle any form of medical need. In addition to patient care, the unit has been actively involved in research in the field of critical care and has numerous national and international paper presentations and publications to its credit.

The critical care team is composed of ten doctors including consultants and senior residents. In addition to this Anesthesiology and Internal medicine postgraduates rotate through the ICU on a monthly basis. Complete minute-to-minute care of all patients in the ICU is provided by this team who are physically preŽsent 24-hours/day. The admitting consultant maintains primary responsibility for the care of their patients while in the intensive care unit.