Liver Transplant Anesthesia

The transplant anesthesia team cares for both transplant donor and recipient, adult and pediatric patients. We provide anesthesia care for liver transplantations for both live-donor-related and not-living-donor transplant procedures. The anesthesia team works closely with the transplant surgeons to provide quality, world-class care for all transplant patients.

The complexity of transplant surgeries requires the expertise and specialty of a transplant anesthesiologist who is an integral part of the transplant team. Transplant recipients are often the most critically ill patients, it is important that transplant anesthesiologists are experts in administering anesthetics to medically compromised patients.

Transplant patients have multiple problems like coagulopathy; they will require massive blood transfusions, hypothermia, electrolyte imbalance and renal failure. We are equipped with rapid infusion systems, cell salvaging, veno-veno bypass, and all forms of anesthesia monitoring systems.Our staffs have extensive experience and training in transesophageal echocardiography and use it selected cases to enhance the monitoring and educational experience. . After surgery, transplant anesthesiologists and intensivists monitor transplant recipients in the ICU and provide pain management during the recovery process.