Orthopedics & Spine Surgeries

We provide mostly regional anesthesia for orthopedic surgeries, which include hip replacement, knee replacement, arthroscopy and ligament repairs. Most of the upper limb surgeries are done under regional nerve blockade.

We have a dedicated pain service team who will, provide round the clock postoperative analgesia; almost all patients receive continuous epidural infusion in the postoperative period.

Spinal surgery presents a number of challenges to the anesthetist, at our institute we do lot of spine surgeries which include congenital scoliosis correction, cervical and thoracic spine stabilization and microdiscectomies. Intraoperatively we use advanced spinal cord monitoring techniques, to prevent post operative neurological complications. Spinal surgeries are associated with massive blood loss, we follow blood conservation techniques, to reduce intraoperative blood loss and reduce the need for blood transfusion.

At our emergency department, we receive many polytrauma patients; these patients carry lot of complications which include blood loss and difficulty in securing the airway.