Reconstructive And Cosmetic

Plastic surgery department at our institute is the treatment centre for SMILE TRAIN program, where they do surgery for cleft lip and cleft palate. We anesthetize infants and young children coming for cleft lip and cleft palate surgery. Anesthetizing these patients carries the risk of difficult airway, sharing of airway with surgeon and post op bleeding and airway obstruction. These patients are also associated with other congenital malformations and syndromes, so through knowledge of disease is required to anesthetize these patients.

They also do, reconstructive free flap surgery a complex method of wound closure for large wounds not amenable to primary closure. It involves the transfer of free tissue (skin, muscle, bone, bowel or a combination) to a site of tissue loss where its circulation is restored via micro vascular anastomoses. A muscle flap produces a more even contour and better aesthetic appearance. The plastic surgeon team works closely with the other surgeons like ENT, OMFS and orthopedics to provide quality and world-class care for all patients.